There is a lot of love in this family.
A lot of love, and just the right dose
of snarkiness.
Also. Gatorade pairings. It’s a thing.

Back under the picnic tree

August 20, 2014

Exactly where we should be.


This book is transcendent.

August 19, 2014

Oh, this book.
This book just about destroyed me.
I cried so hard I basically broke my face.
Little girl said
Still, it’s not as good
as the Lauras.

But I do not agree.


Home home

August 18, 2014

We live in the loveliest
place on earth.
I’m riding the wave of the last day
of my vacation,
and tomorrow I’ll dive over the edge
into All The Things To Do.


Best. Vacation. Ever.

August 17, 2014

I mean seriously.
Look at that.
I mean I just can’t even.


It does.
To everything.


Quiet travelers

August 15, 2014

We lost our internet,
which meant we had no land line either,
and no wifi, and no cell reception.
We did however have colds,
evil twin ones,
with coughs and aches and fevers.

Here is a strange thing.

It was oddly nice,
being ill together–
stowed away on the couch with our
cups of tea and our stack of books,
a sea of tissues all around–
my girl and I, on
our own little ship through the fog.


The fog rolls in.
It’s kind of a relief, oddly.
I polish off books, even bad ones.
And today I had the best nap
of my whole life
on a bank of sand.
Little girl
would like you to know that she is
NOT having the best time.
Why can’t I watch tv? she wants to know.
And just in case I’ve changed my mind,
she repeats the question every five minutes.


This Oregon coast is
It throws arctic wind darts.
It stings and laughs.
But in the evening,
it shows its true colors.
It gets too tired to spar,
rolls its belly up to the heavens,
and gives in to the loving.


Rites of Passage

August 10, 2014

We made the most amazing
fire on the beach,
just two women against nature
bravely battling the elements,
like in those National Geographic documentaries,
two women,
an insta-log, and a kitchen lighter.
The sun went down slowly,
and we roasted hot dogs and then
because it’s really fun to roast anything
on sticks,
and then the most glorious moon
floated up.
She was her most juicy, magnificent self.
She got your attention.
So we charged rocks in the moonlight,
anchoring in our intentions,
and took moon baths,
and I taught my girl
some of the important ways
of the wise women.
Because really,
it’s high time.



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