January 29, 2011

Today was a pretty
spectacular day.
Live tv with my buddy,
drinks with new friends,
a sassy girly dance class
to wake up this poor creaky body,
and a Philly cheese steak with old friends.
I even scribbled in my journal on the train.
But none of that beat hopping into the bath
when I got home and the girl hugging my knees
and asking how her day was and hearing ‘Goooo,’
and asking what the bath salts were that were so
and hearing, ‘Phlegm.’

3 Responses to “Ahhh.”

  1. sitatmytable said

    You guys. I bathed in phlegm water. Was that not clear? Or are you pretending you didn’t notice because you’re so embarrassed for me?

  2. KeiserŠoczê said

    “Live tv with my buddy…”

    They showed this “live” ep. earlier this AM, here in the states via NHK World. I enjoyed it very much. You are a lovely host, and I am glad that it brought me across your very inspirational website and, subsequently, blog with such thought provoking poetry and images. Keep up the good work…Cheers!

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