The tree and me, Director’s Cut

November 29, 2011

There we were,
with lights, heirloom ornaments,
strudel, hot chocolate with whipped cream,
crimson tree skirt, handmade paper garlands,
and a gorgeous fresh tree.
Plus a metal stand that elicited words from me
that caused my daughter to chide,
Mommy!!! (And she is not easily shocked.)
So we had all the accoutrements,
all the beauty and glitter,
and even a respectable organic structure
to hold things together.
But it all fell apart at the nuts and bolts.
Sad to say, this is a pretty good metaphor for–
well, so many parts of my life.
It’s the nuts and bolts that get me.
Not to gloat, but let me remind you,
in case you missed it, that
in the end?
In this matter?
I won.
And it is magnificent.


One Response to “The tree and me, Director’s Cut”

  1. More than magnificent, and the whole thing more sweet because of the struggle.

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