The perfect Sunday

December 3, 2012

My idea of a perfect Sunday
is that we
sit and color
or make crafts
or build things
or even blow things up– I really
don’t give a shit–
as long as we do it
Her version of a perfect Sunday:
we go to the park and
have people over and
hold a bake sale where we only sell clementines
and climb up doorways like spiders
and make gingerbread houses but
I have to beat the egg whites
and she provides running commentary
on every single development:
Watch here because
these tissues?
They turn into ghosts
and they–
WATCH!!– the ghosts fly around the hideout like–WATCH!!!l–like this!!
Why are you in time out??
I forgive you! Come out and
play with me!!

But other than our differing Sunday fantasies
we are a perfect pair.


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