Hurry up and grow up

February 13, 2013

Education is so important.
The gnashing of the teeth! Yes!
It helps things along.
Also the rending of the garments!
Very important.
Rrrrip!!!! Shred those fairy wings.

The filling out of the worksheets in tidy lines of blood and marrow–
Extra points if you spell
blood correctly! Use your phonics– oo goes ooooh!!
Except all the times when it doesn’t!
For no discernible reason!

Figure it out please.

Bind your spirit.
Grit and tears will earn you normalcy.
Bear down. Break that bone.
We want your humanity curled under,
tucked into the tiniest of shoes,
so you can’t go far–
but then! oh then! we will applaud your totter,
and call it mature
even before you’ve lost your milk teeth,
and most people think the applause
will make up for
what you lost.

P.S. for everyone who loves my daughter~ please do not worry. This is much more about me processing my own history than about her current school experience. She is ok.

2 Responses to “Hurry up and grow up”

  1. Molly said

    Ahhhhh, the angst lends itself so well to writing. This is a lovely bit!

  2. Jane said

    You are reading my mail. Ouch.

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