We are proud. We are so, so proud.

March 4, 2013

This banana bread
might as well be a gourmet
soufflé, judging by the respect
it earns at my house.
I got itchy, and frustrated, and frantic–
as one does,
doing horrible irritating futile activities
that take forever and make a mess
and incite flailing.

Activities like cooking.

The girl offered to stir, because
I know you really feel crazy
when you get all sticky, Mom.

Which is true.
Doesn’t everybody???
Some things are not to be borne.
Sticky goop on my hands, a tangle of hangers,
and saran wrap (aka the devil roll)
are almost more than I can take.
If you wanted to kill me,
you could make me do something in Excel
and at the same time ask me to pull off one single sheet
of cling wrap without letting it leap into a tortured twist of doomed wadded-up waste.
I would be toast.

Luckily, we survived this banana bread
and everyone here is still alive.

I’m going to wrap it in tin foil now.


One Response to “We are proud. We are so, so proud.”

  1. and it is a gorgeous example of Banana Bread Success!

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