Me vs. daily life, round 47

January 14, 2014

It’s a little embarrassing,
the tiny frustrations I let defeat me.

I burned the onions!
The curry is watery!
Little girl canNOT trace the harp seal!!!
She is Very Frustrated!
And the scheduling software will NOT work properly!

So I call a friend.
She tells me a funny story
and makes me laugh.
I breathe.
After a few minutes, I return to my body.

I help the little girl outline the harp seal.
I use calm words, and eventually she does too.
Dinner is hot and salty.
I will deal with the calendar tomorrow.

Dear life, today it was a draw.
But tomorrow is a rematch.

Little girl is playing contentedly
with her dinosaurs.
The lights are soft and low and the dishes are done.
There are pink roses on my table.
I am wearing owl pajamas.

On second thought,
I’m pretty sure I already won.


One Response to “Me vs. daily life, round 47”

  1. You did indeed win! big time.

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