Come sit at my table with me.
Some days we celebrate, some days we mourn.
Some days champagne, some days cheap-ass beer.

Every morning,

Some things are sacred.
If you stick around long enough, eventually I’ll bring out the wine.

My name is Anna Kunnecke, and this is a daily snippet of my life. I live in Portland, Oregon with my daughter, and I’m a writer and heathen mystic.


I help women declare dominion over their lives. We clear out clutter in The Queen Sweep. We tell our deepest stories at The Birth Story Project. We marinate in the Rich Juicy Starry Beauty of our lives, which happens to be the name of my weekly missive. (You should sign up for it.). When you work with me you will encounter profanity but also magic. You can find me and lots more at


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11 Responses to “About”

  1. love your writing style. poetic, sweet, true.

  2. Found you through Mama Om – and LOVE your blog. 🙂 Beautiful, perfect little snippets of life accompany those pics. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Shane is my pseudonym said

    Dig this blog Anna… it really speaks in a poetic voice!

  4. Kola Loka said

    Hi, I asked for mommy wisdom and my friend, Julia, recommended this. Not sure if it will help my little guy nap, but it still made my day.
    Thanks so much for reminding me how awesome it is to be a mother.

    • sitatmytable said

      Ah, the elusive nap… I have pulled my hair out many a time over sleep, and lack of it. Check out the Domestic Disasters category for some of my (not) finest moments… and hang in there! it gets easier. How old is your wee? It’s gotten exponentially easier for me from her first birthday.

      • Kola Loka said

        he turns 1 this week. and actually he went back to 2 naps a day after a few rough days. who knows? he also got another tooth and in general is changing so much, he is a little off kilter. but it’s awesome to see how he is so observant now and trying to babble out something intelligible.
        looking forward to reading about your experience…

  5. Ayshii said

    I found your blog through Absolutely love it! I used to live in Japan and miss it a lot. So thank you, because your day to day experiences remind me of all the good things about Japan and being a mother too. I liked being reminded of my son having obento and going to Yochien! Look forward to reading more!

  6. christine said

    Aloha Anna,
    I found you through Kelly Rae Roberts blog and I’m so glad I did. Queen Sweep is to the tack how it is for me. I really enjoyed reading it and putting it to action starting with my closet. I live in Hawaii Kauai where all things are lush and vibrant, where you literally see a rainbow a day, and somehow the rain cools you off and finds a smile on your face, where the sea breeze comforts your breathing, and dunking yourself in the ocean gives you a new charge, promising you that everything will be ok, and as the sunset to put a splash of color in the clouds, it reassures you that tomorrow it’ll all be there again to Enjoy. Now if I can have that order in my life please and some clarity, it’ll be heavenly just like enjoying a chocolate souffle. I would love to sneak a peek of your other works as well. I love when I read

    your life

    it’d like your life is talking right back at you confirming to Love it:)
    Much Mahalo,

    Christine*( mother of 3 )

    • sitatmytable said

      Thanks so much, Christine! Wow, it sounds absolutely gorgeous where you live. What richness! I’m so glad that things are resonating– I hope you can join us for one of the Queen Sweep groups at some point! XOXO, Anna

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