Forget the economy. I sleep on soft sheets, lie down without fear, eat delicious food, live with people I love, and have flowers on my table. I’m rrrrrich!!!! And I bet you are too.

Here are our t-shirts.

rrrrrich shirt

For men and women of all sizes. Worldwide shipping.

12 Responses to “You’re rrrrrich”

  1. Koy said

    oo oo oo
    may l claim fairy godmother status on this one?

  2. sitatmytable said

    oh yes ma’am.

  3. Abby said

    I wore my favorite “I’m Rich” baseball tee to Powell’s recently. The girl behind the counter, not the one serving me my coffee, but the one staring suspiciously at me, asked- “so, are you really rich?” I thought- oh how great. I will enlighten her about how compared to so many people in the world who go to bed hungry every night, live without shoes, fight for clean water- we are both so rich! (it’s possible I was feeling quite wise and saintly) She was uninterested. And looking surreptitiously at my wallet. And asked me again- “so seriously, are you really rich?”
    I thought about my thousands of dollars of school debt. My not-so-school-related-debt. The struggle to keep paying rent in the studio apartment I shared with a roommate. Then I looked at the coffee I was holding, and the laptop I had brought with me to do work on. And just said, “Yup.”

  4. sitatmytable said

    This is just one of the many reasons why I adore you beyond all words.

    And you’re one of the reasons why I’m rrrrrich.

  5. Janet said

    Wow…I’m a little late seeing this, but I do love you both SOOOO much. And you are definitely two of the reasons why I’m rrrrrich!

  6. eefphotography said

    Love that shirt!!!

  7. linda said

    i just found this site recently, and Especially now after peeking around a bit, can I say – i am so stinkin’ rich!

  8. I bought this t-shirt awhile ago and I really enjoy wearing it. Thanks Anna

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