What a good day.

May 7, 2013

Nothing complicated,
just the humblest rituals.
Park, homework, dinner, bath.
But somehow the very ordinariness
of today
made it perfect.


Better and better

June 17, 2011

If I could send a call
singing along the phantom lines
of yesterday,
I’d call to tell my earlier self,
‘Don’t worry, darling.
This is the hardest part.
It gets better, I promise.’

The cashier looked at
my load.
Yoga mat,
sports bra,
yoga pants,
two tank tops,
a DVD with loud marketing
and one that proclaimed exercise
is fun when you Dance With The Stars.
I blushed.
At least I hadn’t thrown
a bag of Doritos in there.
The kind woman didn’t say
a thing.

As the sun streams in, I try to put
my girl to bed.
Outside, people in yellow socks
are running around looking for beer.
I don’t mean that metaphorically;
they are actually
running, and they are searching for beer,
and when they find it, they will drink it.
I would honestly rather be right here,
reading Berenstein Bears and
Kureyon No Kurokun.
Which is nice to know, since this
is where I am.

Some days I feel like I’m failing
at everything.
So then I take a little paper,
and a pair of scissors, and some glue,
and I mess around… just messing…
around… with paper…
until beauty has its way with me.
And I wrest glory out of failure.
Now listen, my dears.
Did you know that I send out a little
rich juicy starry beauty
every month?
If you’re not on the list for that,
you should be…
because I’m sending out some extra
treats this month.

Ahhhh, siblings.

June 7, 2011

Impromptu family dinners
are beyond delightful.

I resurrected an old dinnertime ritual,
and no one protested.
Hurray for picnics in the park! I started.
She leaped in joyfully:
Hurray for a pretty couch!
Hurray for a blackboard!
Hurray for a chair I never sat on til today!
Hurray for a craft table!
Hurray for scissors! For enchiladas! For pears!
Hurray for– for– for us!

It’s hard to top that.
But I would add, hurray for beauty
even in
the humblest of crannies.

I put the bug outside.
I merged in the rain.
I used my new phone with the many many buttons.
I called my accountant and we had the numbers talk.
I drove across the slippery bridge over the river wild and deep.
I pressed Pay and signed myself up for a weekend
of magic and horses.

The strange gift of being afraid of
is that you stop waiting to feel brave.
You get things done still quaking, and then
you’re not so scared anymore.
I’m launching a new class to talk about this,
and it feels as new and sweet and precious
as a newborn.
If you’d like to join me, I’d be honored.

Decision Day

April 27, 2011

A light shone down from the heavens,
and it sang out, “Aaaaaaaahhhhh~~~!!!”.


So many beautiful and amazing things
happened today.
But one of them was
the blackboard.

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