Pink gifts

June 18, 2011

She brushed me with
the sweetest petals of motherhood
Her arms flung around my neck,
kisses were stamped on my cheek,
and she crowed:
Mommy, I love you so much
I don’t even have the word,
even more than you can imagine!

It’s mutual.
As were the damp starry eyelashes.

Wild woman,
wistful wishes
willful winds,
winsome wisps,
worry, worship, won’t.
We had them all today.


June 11, 2011

Did you know
that a car seat will hold
a lavender plant just as well
as it holds a daughter?
Precious lovely things
all tucked in safe and

Photo credit: AJK


June 3, 2011

All this world swirling around us–
brush it with the
lightest of fingers.
Send it swinging into
a new dance.

Oh, I am dropping petals today,
and I hate this part–
I so much prefer
luscious blooming.
But blossoms and bodies both
know that shedding is
part of wisdom, and so
I will try to let what is unnecessary

There is so much sorrow and joy
packed into every day
that I find myself weeping
walking across the room
or picking up my daughter–
just a few silent gasps
over her shoulder.
And sometimes we sit and cry together
and talk about our feelings
until she rolls her eyes
and is done
and too,
we laugh and laugh and
every day
new petals are revealed.

Down the lines

May 28, 2011

Seven minutes before my class started,
I got a phone call.
“She needs to tell you something,”
said my sister.
Mommy? Earlier when I was so mad?
And I said those mean things?
Like idiot and I hate you?
When you were in the bathroom I hided
your favorite book and your shoes under the couch,
and I wanted you to know where they are in case
you wanted them and I feel bad and I don’t want
you to be sad and I hoped I wouldn’t forget where I put them.

Thank heaven for The Auntie.
Apparently The Child confided her wicked deed
and said sorrowfully,
I feel so bad about it.
But I know Mommy will understand my feelings

Oh, Portland.

May 24, 2011

Portland, you’re killing me.
Even the people at the POST OFFICE
are nice.
Even the people at the GAS STATION
are nice.
I’m going to sprout flowers from
all my orifices

My girl picked them out,
and my sister delivered them.
Also vitamin C gummies,
Airborne tablets, and loves.

One step at a time

May 19, 2011

We don’t have a table or chairs yet.
I haven’t said goodbye properly
to some of my favorite people.
I’m drowning in email.
But we have flowers.

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