Some days I feel like I’m failing
at everything.
So then I take a little paper,
and a pair of scissors, and some glue,
and I mess around… just messing…
around… with paper…
until beauty has its way with me.
And I wrest glory out of failure.
Now listen, my dears.
Did you know that I send out a little
rich juicy starry beauty
every month?
If you’re not on the list for that,
you should be…
because I’m sending out some extra
treats this month.

I hate you, you with your stomach flu, and
snafus, and tangled emails,
and things breaking–
especially 12 things all in one day–
and forms and paperwork and bills and
dust bunnies and that new toilet cleaner
that stained the toilet blue.
But you woo me back, world.
You are relentless.
You with your rosy lights, and
your pots of tea, and your
soft sweet balmy air, and your
intimate circlet of evening moon.
You get me every time.

I’m releasing a new thing into the world tomorrow,
and it is from my heart.
Well, it’s from YOUR heart,
but I took dictation.
And I’m doing a secret 24-hour giveaway
just here,
for you sweethearts,
because your comments feel like
love letters to me.
In the comments, tell me
what you think YOUR life would say
if it wrote you a love letter.
Three randomly chosen winners
will receive Love Letters from your life
for free.

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P.S. If you have a blog and you’d like to do a giveaway too, send me an email at — I like to share.

Update: Congratulations to Christina, sigsy, and tellingdtales! You’ve each won a free copy of Love Letters from your life. You’ll get an email from me soon.

Thank you so much to each of you who entered– I loved, loved, LOVED reading what your life is saying to you. And I love that you are listening.

much love,

What’s your b?

May 27, 2011

B for brilliant.
B for bitch.
B for beauty.
B for be.

Oh, Portland.

May 24, 2011

Portland, you’re killing me.
Even the people at the POST OFFICE
are nice.
Even the people at the GAS STATION
are nice.
I’m going to sprout flowers from
all my orifices

Brown paper package

May 20, 2011

I haven’t even opened it yet.
I’m just looking at it,
holding the subtle flavor of
on my tongue.
Thank you, my dear friend.
The cosmos is whispering in so many ways,
“It’s all right.
You are loved.”
Today, it spoke through the mail.

Worth it.


May 10, 2011

She went to see the chickens.
There used to be four, but one ran away,
and the rooster was obnoxious, so now
they only have two.

Those two venerable hens were plump and brown
and they laid
Real live eggs!
That she brought home!
And we scrambled! and cooked!
and ate!
In our own very own house.
That the chickens made.

If that doesn’t seem like
an absolute screaming miracle to you,
then I prescribe a strong dose of
to be taken immediately.

True Love

May 4, 2011

Meow and Ballard,
they’re the loviest.

And if you had any doubt,
here is the proof.

Photo credit: AFSK

Decision Day

April 27, 2011

A light shone down from the heavens,
and it sang out, “Aaaaaaaahhhhh~~~!!!”.


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