Girls’ Day Indulgences

March 3, 2011

Freezing March night;
steaming hot bath with
patchouli oil.
I am as cosseted
and soft
as a princess.

Just an observation

February 22, 2011

In the bath tonight,
my daughter puzzled over
my breasts.
What shape are they? she wondered.
I guess they’re round.
Then she cocked her head.
No, wait– they’re rounds that went


January 29, 2011

Today was a pretty
spectacular day.
Live tv with my buddy,
drinks with new friends,
a sassy girly dance class
to wake up this poor creaky body,
and a Philly cheese steak with old friends.
I even scribbled in my journal on the train.
But none of that beat hopping into the bath
when I got home and the girl hugging my knees
and asking how her day was and hearing ‘Goooo,’
and asking what the bath salts were that were so
and hearing, ‘Phlegm.’

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