I hate you, you with your stomach flu, and
snafus, and tangled emails,
and things breaking–
especially 12 things all in one day–
and forms and paperwork and bills and
dust bunnies and that new toilet cleaner
that stained the toilet blue.
But you woo me back, world.
You are relentless.
You with your rosy lights, and
your pots of tea, and your
soft sweet balmy air, and your
intimate circlet of evening moon.
You get me every time.

Today’s vocabulary words:






A wellspring of gratitude.

The Seduction

January 24, 2011

I’m so inherently scattered,
I never dreamed that I would
have such a love affair with order.
But if I’d known that it would
bring along its paramour,
to form such a delightful threesome,
I would have pursued it with
even more fervor.

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