I spent today
drifting through Annie’s world,
where family is messy and awkward
and loyal, and trees and flowers and moss
speak, and people have given up pretending that
we are all anything but crazy and beautiful,
and disasters can destroy
everything except our own great


All else fades besides
the glories of Anne Lamott,
including the tears I wept and the
snot I swallowed as she spoke
about that elusive thing,
being human–
but the hours cackling and
rolling tape with the coven were also
quite transcendent.


Ahhhh, siblings.

June 7, 2011

Impromptu family dinners
are beyond delightful.


March 23, 2011

So many things to toast!
Old friends, new ones,
milestones, touchstones.
The corners of my life
coming together
in a sweet little pleat.

Uncle! I SAID, Uncle!!!

January 23, 2011

Ah, the happy chaos
of family life.
It lacks only one feature–
a ‘pause’ button.

Would you look at that

January 22, 2011

At the most
inconsequential moment,
I swung out
on a silent hinge
and watched the miniscule scenes
of joy march through:
the man making those cups of tea,
my girl working a puzzle with my parents,
the frilly pink tulips I’d just bought,
the book splayed open by my bed.
The hinge began to pull me closed again,
but I stuck my toe in the door.
I resisted that click.

Pretty Pretty Family

January 2, 2011

When four adults consent to play
Pretty Pretty Princess
with the four-year-old,
and bedeck themselves
in plastic jewels,
and on top of that let her play with
the billiard table AND the iPad,
then you know for sure that
it is
beyond a doubt and without question

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