I’m releasing a new thing into the world tomorrow,
and it is from my heart.
Well, it’s from YOUR heart,
but I took dictation.
And I’m doing a secret 24-hour giveaway
just here,
for you sweethearts,
because your comments feel like
love letters to me.
In the comments, tell me
what you think YOUR life would say
if it wrote you a love letter.
Three randomly chosen winners
will receive Love Letters from your life
for free.

Photo credit: ISP
P.S. If you have a blog and you’d like to do a giveaway too, send me an email at sitatmytable@gmail.com — I like to share.

Update: Congratulations to Christina, sigsy, and tellingdtales! You’ve each won a free copy of Love Letters from your life. You’ll get an email from me soon.

Thank you so much to each of you who entered– I loved, loved, LOVED reading what your life is saying to you. And I love that you are listening.

much love,

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