Pink gifts

June 18, 2011

She brushed me with
the sweetest petals of motherhood
Her arms flung around my neck,
kisses were stamped on my cheek,
and she crowed:
Mommy, I love you so much
I don’t even have the word,
even more than you can imagine!

It’s mutual.
As were the damp starry eyelashes.

Love, received.

May 25, 2011

We were cruising along and she said,
Mama, do you feel love in your heart?
I looked in the rearview mirror and saw
her face scrunched up and her hands
plunged out before her,
like she was pushing air toward my seat.
Because I am sending some to you.

Brown paper package

May 20, 2011

I haven’t even opened it yet.
I’m just looking at it,
holding the subtle flavor of
on my tongue.
Thank you, my dear friend.
The cosmos is whispering in so many ways,
“It’s all right.
You are loved.”
Today, it spoke through the mail.

True Love

May 4, 2011

Meow and Ballard,
they’re the loviest.

And if you had any doubt,
here is the proof.

Photo credit: AFSK

Happy V-Day

February 14, 2011

“Sweetie, did you wash your hands?”
She smiled her secret imp smirk.
“Go wash them, honey.”
She stopped and stared at me with awe.
How come when I smile like that,
you always KNOW?

Then the man wrapped her in her
stripey blanket
and took her to the window to show her
the snow
and the white quiet world
and I loved them both very much.

Today my child
was sneaking around
and dropped a candlestick
on her foot.
She clambered into my lap,
howling, and continued to shriek
as an enormous blue knob obscured
the bony arch of her metatarsus.
I sat there breathing in and out,
cradling her,
my knees aching in sympathy.
She fell asleep so abruptly that
her entire body flopped.
From hellion to
precious little angel baby
in one
startling instant.

Through her eyes

February 1, 2011

If the man were to tell you
his favorite moment of today,
I bet it would be the phone call he got
where his girl asked him to Please
come home and eat dinner with us and please
read me a story and I love you Daddy,
I really really love you. So much.

And since I was eavesdropping,
I’ll tell you for him.

Photo by AFSK


January 1, 2011

Oh, beautiful world.
I adore you so.
May you love yourself
as I love you, and may
I love myself
as you love me.
And we shall call ourselves

Birthday celebrations continue

November 21, 2010

I have already received
many beautiful and
lovely gifts,
but the best of them all
was handed to me with the words,
Let me tell you what it says, Mommy.
It says, To Mommy, love with
so much love
love, love, love,
from me.

Our little hearts

November 17, 2010

As I snuggled her into bed,
I told her that I was
happy in my heart.
She thumped her chest.
You’re always IN
my heart, Mama.

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