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12 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Santosh said

    Hello, by name is Santosh.
    I am staying in Tokyo from 6 years.
    can we be friends?

  2. Diane said

    My lovely Anna,
    I read many of your recent posts this a.m. and they are gorgeous! Ava is precious and seems to be a reflection of the best parts of both of her parents!
    I am so thrilled that you have found your rhythm and seem to be thriving.
    Much love,

    • sitatmytable said

      Thank you so much, dear woman!!!!! You were KEY to the thriving part. I think every woman who has a baby needs good life coaching…

  3. ilene said

    Hi Anna,
    Staying here in Tokyo for an extra 2 1/2 weeks. I had to. You saw me be so sad when we ate together, when people kept asking me to give away my leaving date. So I changed it. Good for me! And lucky, lucky me for staying with Kariin until she kinda smiles. She has one more week to really smile. That will be fun!

    I loved being with you two times this visit!

    And I remembered how good you are: at dreaming and living and writing.

    Well wishes to you,

    • sitatmytable said

      Hi Ilene! Oh happy happy, more days with the grandgirl. She is such a sweetie, I know that leaving must be excruciating. Thank you so much for your kind words– this blog is my favorite therapy/gratitude journal/ritual. So glad I got to see you while you were here!

  4. Hi Anna,
    I found your blog after reading your recent FB post, “How To Stop Being Afraid—Even When The Whole World Thinks You Should Be.”
    I’m also a Mom who has a heart exploding with gratitude and love for my children and family and life. I was so inspired after reading you.
    Thank you and sending much love and light to you and yours,

  5. Elaine Nussbaum said

    Hi Anna:

    I also found your blog after reading your recent FB post,“How To Stop Being Afraid—Even When The Whole World Thinks You Should Be.” We have all been bombarded in the last few months with such extraordinary events, some horrific some amazing: Egypt, Wisconsin, Libya, Japan it’s hard to remain centered when there is no real danger. Thank you for your post and it left me wondering what your next steps would be. It sounds like from your blog you are here in Portland. Welcome. Great picture of our library by the way.

  6. Kristi said

    Hi Anna,
    I met you and your sweet daughter upon exiting our Hawaiian flight from Japan. I have been meaning to contact you, but things have finally started to slow a little bit and I am feeling a little more “normal” right now. Ben is still in Japan doing good things and the boys and I are in San Diego trying to make life as normal as possible without daddy here or without our home…we hope to return to Japan in the coming months and really hope to see you girls again upon our return. Are you still in the states?? Hugs to you!

  7. Tiffany said

    Hey Anna,

    Just wanted to say thanks for doing your thing. Often when I’m feeling overwhelmed I stop by your blog to remind myself how many and varied life’s tiny gifts can be.


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